As she tried to find Lockey's fabled artifact, Zana fell into the catacombs and is now lost in a maze of walls, canals and... locks! Use the keys you find to unlock doors... and lock them again to get your keys back! Will you help Zana find the exit - and maybe even the artifact?


If you can't see the manual below, click here to find the manual as a PDF!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, PICO-8
Tags2D, aseprite, loz, PICO-8, Singleplayer, zelda
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


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That was very fun and very clever. Congrat!


Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your kind words! Glad you had fun!


What a fun little game. The puzzle design is clever and the artwork is lovely. Love the instruction booklet!

Thank you, I really appreciate that!!


Awesome game! Very fun and satisfying. Also great work with the art, it really felt like a gameboy colour game in all the best ways.

That kinda compliment means a lot to me, thank you!!


Love the game, and the execution of the manual-- fantastic! Would you consider releasing a paid version of the pico8 (p8) version so it could be played on a handheld console?

Thank you so much for the kind words!! As for your request - I'm not quite sure I'm getting it, but the cart is available for free on the BBS!

Depending on your handheld, you only need to download the cart/PNG and put it on your device, or browse Splore if that's an option - the game should appear three!

Also, of course you're more than welcome to donate here on itch.Io  :^) I'd appreciate it! But the game itself is free! 

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I'm incredibly humbled anyone would even consider supporting this financially!! That is very much appreciated, thank you!

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Such a fun game, and I love the manual! 

1) I finished with the artifact with 5 extra keys. I *think* this is the most you can have. I understand the 5+ key buffer gives you some lee-way, but the gate could have had a perfect run requirement and still not be too challenging. 

2) Especially towards the end, there were some random red locked doors in the corners that didn't seem to do anything. (Perhaps they're just a key stash to prepare for grabbors?) 

3) When holding left/right/up/or down, Zana moves one space, stops, and continues in a line. Movement would feel more smooth if Zana always moved uninterrupted when holding a directional key. 

Overall, great puzzles and artwork. I would definitely play more

Hey, thanks for playing and all that feedback!! I really appreciate it. If you're interested, here's my responses:

1) Yepp, it is quite lenient all things considered (and in fact, every room is designed to be solvable even if you walk in with 0 keys) but I wanted it to be more "relaxed", so that even players who aren't as much into backtracking would have a chance of finding the artifact even on their first run. I did get the feedback that the game was kinda easy though... maybe I'll do a Hard-Mode-version haha

2) Correct! That's their purpose. I added them at some point realizing that backtracking 4 screens just to not get your keys snatched might be tedious and I hoped that these locks at first seem like pointless decoration until players have an "aha!"-moment, realizing what they can use them for. I'd liked to get more feedback about whether that worked out...

3) Agreed. I'd personally have preferred to have a movement similar to Zelda 1 but somehow didn't get it to work properly. The code now is very basic as I'm an enthusiast at coding at best lol. Maybe I'll figure it out and update it, the movement does kinda break the flow when you wanna breeze through the puzzles.

Again, thank you for taking the time to get into this tiny game as much as you did, This means a lot to me!


Got the artifact on my second playthrough (I had a sense of what I needed to have done, which at the time I wasn't even sure if it was a bug or intentional)--still holding five keys, too, to my surprise.

Plus this game has an actual manual.  And a somewhat zaftig protagonist.  This is amazing.

I'm really happy to hear that you played the game pretty much exactly how I ideally envisioned it and enjoyed all the stuff around it as well! That really brightens my day. (Also, in all of my ~20 years of learning and speaking this language, I have not once heard the word "zaftig" and I'm glad it happened in this context and if nothing else, that made it worth the effort lol)


Very nice little game. Good work on the game and the amazing manual (that I gave a speedy read).

Didn't find the artifact but I thought the last three doors when unlocked will going to give some keys.

Thank you for trying both the game and the manual out! Unfortunately, those last three locks are just plain old locks, but you were pretty close to the artifact...!


A day later I had 11 keys in the last room. I got the artifact =). Again, amazing game.